Pantone 2017 Color Trend Predictions

2017 Color Trend Predictions

Pantone just released their 2017 color trend predictions. Their predictions are usually pretty accurate, with trends following suit in the design and fashion worlds.

I notice a lot of muted, calming colors, a lot of greens and blues, and rich yet subdued yellow. What do you think? Is 2017 the year of Kale?

Kale - Pantone 18-0107 TCX

Hazlenut - Pantone 14-1315 TCX

Pink Yarrow - Pantone 17-2034 TCX

Greenery - Pantone 15-0343 TCX

Pale Dogwood - Pantone 13-1404 TPX

Island Paradise - Pantone 14-4620 TCX

Flame - Pantone 17-1462 TPX

Lapis Blue - Pantone 19-4045 TCX

Primrose Yellow - Pantone 13-0755 TPX

Niagra - Pantone 17-4123 TPX

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