Color schemes from Adobe Kuler

Creating a Color Scheme

Creating a color scheme is one important part of establishing your brand. A great tool to create color schemes using a color wheel is called Adobe Kuler. It’s free for everyone, and if you have an Adobe account you can save your color schemes in your Library.

When working in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 or Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, saving your color scheme via Kuler is especially useful because both applications will synchronize with your Library. So while working in Adobe Kuler, you can create color schemes and then move into Illustrator or Photoshop to use those colors without interrupting your workflow.

Adobe Kuler has thousands popular color schemes you can browse, or create your own. Using a color wheel, you can create a Triad color scheme, complementary, compound, monochromatic or analogous color scheme. Once you’re satisfied, just click Save while you’re logged in, and your brand’s new color scheme will be available in all your Adobe programs.

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